Five Quick Tips for Clear Skin

For many people, the thought of having rough and hard to look at skin truly worries them. However, the fear of having to undergo vigorous treatments just to clear some slight blemishes can cause even more of a concern! If you want an easy way to manage your skin, here are some very easy tips. Also, if you find this article helpful please share with family and friends.

1) Always wash your face before bed

By the time you are ready for bed at night, you face has already become victim to many nasty germs and other bacteria. It is extremely important to relieve your body of anything that may harm it.

2) Water temperature matters!

Make sure you are using lukewarm water to wash your skin. This is very interesting as to why. Hot water can leave your skin feeling dry, while cold water will not open your pores. You must meet somewhere in the middle.

3) Be Gentle!

If you scrub too hard, you could leave your face in pain, or even worse: redder than a tomato! Use your hands to scrub your face instead of a fancy towel or pad. Of course, make sure your hands are clean first.

4) The morning facial wash is equally as important as your nightly one.

They say every home in America has bed bugs. You don’t want those on your face!

5) Exfoliate.

The key to having great skin is to remove all dead cells on your skin. The dead cells can block your pores. By exfoliating you are giving a radiant glow to your face.


I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips. If you enjoyed them please give us a share of let us know in the comments below :)


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